Modern Museum is the people’s NFT marketplace. Built by the community, for the community, the platform was developed with the NFT-lover in mind. As a brand new player in an ever-evolving landscape, we focused on propelling the space forward with a kick-ass, secure web 3 ecosystem that’s radically different from the status quo.

Our blockchain and cryptocurrency services took centre stage when developing Modern Museum. It was incredibly important to make the platform safe, secure, and accessible for all users – from novices to experts. Our best-in-class tech allowed us to empower users and shatter expectations.




Brand development, Website design, Digital strategy, Blockchain and Cryptocurrency development


Modern Museum is unlike any other NFT platform, so we showcased it as such – and let the art speak for itself.

The UI/UX of the website was another major component. We wanted the layout to look and feel as revolutionary as the platform, but still easy to navigate for users. With clean lines and a graphics-focused website, we displayed the NFTs and need-to-know information in a simple, yet elevated way.

The branding and copy would also prove to be critical elements. Modern Musuem’s target audience are proud, passionate “degens,” so in other words, not your typical audience. Modern Musuem’s brand voice emulates the same mentality, while being upbeat and still accessible.

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