La Mémoire is a heart-first luxury home fragrance brand, with a valiant focus on memories and how they relate to the human condition. As a brand that challenges stereotypes and creates non-traditional scents that simply have never existed before – we knew we had to position the brand as tiers above the competition.

Branding was everything for La Mémoire. We dove into the theme of uniqueness at the individual level, and opted for a minimalist aesthetic for each branding element. From its gorgeous, romantic font and logo, to its whimsical stories and emotive imagery, the brand evokes a sense of wonder and lust amongst audiences.




Brand development, Website design, Digital strategy

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Memories are unique to the individual, yet our consciousness is collective. Our world is complex, yet in the same breath, it is overflowing with wonder and beauty.

As a female-owned business targeting millennials with purpose, we wanted to create an end-to-end experience for consumers. Working with a film agency, we wove the brand narrative and product stories together into a visually stunning digital strategy.

We made the fully functional, yet stunning, ecommerce site simple to navigate. Consumers can browse the website and choose the fragrances that speak to them with ease. A gorgeous unpacking experience, with monogrammed complimentary matches, completed the experience.